Jami Lynn

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-Jami's new solo album now in progress! Check back for release date and album release shows in the next few months.

-Hear Jami Lynn & Dylan James's 2013 performance at the Sioux River Folk Festival as broadcast on SDPB's "No Cover, No Minimum." 

-Jami Lynn's pick for a new South Dakota anthem featured in an article for Groupon.

-The North Wind available now for free download! Get the EP here.

-Check out Jami's new video with Neighborhood Jams! Watch their recording of "Fall is a Good Time to Die" at Black Hills Vinyl here.

-Sodak folks: Continue to look for Jami & Dylan on CBS's the White Wall Sessions that airs Saturday nights at 10:30pm central time!

-If you missed Jami & Dylan on SDPB's Rock Garden Tour Special, you can watch it online here.



"This album sounds pure. A purity that sounds as authentic as the songs our grandparents listened to on the radio, with sometimes wild, sometimes sultry grooves well suited for any turn of the century basement jazz club, work farm picnic, or rural speakeasy."

        -Mathew DiRiso, NoDepression.com

"Jami Lynn impresses me. Leagues elevated from the girl with acoustic guitar-folk idiom..... Sodbusters is a prime example of Dakotan craft and an unrivaled handsome achievement of a relative newcomer to the folk genre."
       -Johan Schoenmakers, Altcountryforum
"Lynn’s voice shifts easily from indie rock croon to a full bodied gospel to a traditional folk storyteller, making each song unique.."
"There is actually a basic music that feels like real folk. With stories, singing and more by a voice that seems to be made of pure Crystal, but is also able to cut like a blade finely honed."
        -Americana Music France
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